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Angel’s LED Wings is a unique prop, the spectacle of which will take your breath away.

Angel’s Wings can be programmed with any colors and dynamic light play. 

The size of the wings at full opening is 4 meters (13ft), which looks very impressive.

Angel’s LED Wings can be synchronized with each other, starting from 2 pairs and more. 

Size - 4x1 meters (13x3 ft)

Material - white foamed polyethylene

Attachment - velcro straps on the waist and shoulders

Weight - 2,3 kg  (5 lb)

LED’s color - all colors

LEDs are located on the both sides of the construction

Time-line mode - YES

Synchronization with the same wings - YES

Synchronization with another programmable props made by our company - YES

Powered by built-in battery.

Packing size: 120cm x 50cm x15 cm (3,9ft x 1,6ft x 0,5ft)

Includes: LED Wings, charger, software, instructions.

Our LED props are all hand crafted and don’t contain prepared garland elements - each LED will be soldered by hands.

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