Discount for a whole month due to coronavirus

Discount for a whole month due to coronavirus


For all the performers the very hard time has began. Events are canceled. The wedding season is delayed indefinitely.

The most important thing is not to panic.

In this situation, we all found ourselves in the moment here and now. The future is unknown and we cannot plan it. The past has already passed. Only being in the moment will help us to use the pandemic to our benefit. It’s important not to waste time but to spend it for development. After all, everything is temporary and the pandemic will sooner or later end. People will make events again and everything will go back to the way things were.

It’s good to be fully prepared for this time.

We want to help you with this!
And we are ready to lower the price of our props.

19 props are now available with a 19% discount on the "COVID-19" promotional code.

The promotional code is already valid on our website.

In the hope that the pandemic will end within a month, we limited the time of sale until the end of April.

P.s. We rarely make such good discounts. Hurry up while there is such an opportunity!

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